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8 Summer Home Renovation Ideas and Tips

Summer is almost here! That means there are changes to be made in homes to stay comfortable under the heat of the sun. For real estate investors, it’s also the perfect time to do renovation projects. Such projects boost property appeal to be able to sell the home before fall.

So what renovation ideas are good for the upcoming season? And how does an investor make the entire process smoother and safer? Read on to find out.


1. Find a new parking space

During the renovation process, your contractor will need to move building materials and workers in or out of the house through the front yard or the garage. If you park your car in these areas, your contractor will have difficulty accessing your home thus delaying the renovation process.

Talk to your neighbor and ask them if you can park your car in their area or find a parking spot away from your property.

2. Move fragile objects from adjoining rooms to safe places

If you decide to renovate a room in your house and you plan to preserve an adjoining room, activities in the room under renovation might damage the objects at the other. For example, drilling or hammering on walls might cause wall-mounted TVs in the other room to fall and break. Never forget to declutter the next room before the renovation begins.

3. Decide which home elements to keep

You must talk to your family first about which parts of your home would be renovated and which to leave alone. Even if you live alone, you must make a solid decision about your renovation plans. This is to prevent project delays caused by indecision.

4. Enjoy the summer

Expect the renovation process to be stressful for you and your family. The noise of drilling, hammering, or grinding will truly break your summer’s peace. There’s also the odor from paint and the dust in the air. To avoid all of these stresses, schedule an escape like going to the beach, mountain, or resort during the remodeling.


1. Building a firepit

A firepit is one of the best renovation ideas that can bring added beauty and function to your backyard. Not only is it a place where you can entertain guests through an evening bonfire, but it can also be a platform where you can grill burgers, sausages, and kebabs.

2. Installing ceiling fans

Reduce your electrical consumption this summer by ditching the use of air conditioners and opting for ceiling fans. It’s affordable and easy to install. Remember to pick the best fan design that would complement your living room’s theme and color.

3. Bright color exterior repaint

Bright colored paint absorbs less heat from the summer sun making your walls cool during the season. It also highlights the beauty of your front lawn’s landscape. I would highly suggest yellow-green, powder blue, or beige for the color of your exterior walls.

4. Replacing fences and gates

You’ll need to welcome the outdoor breeze into your property to fight the heat of the summer sun. If your current fence doesn’t allow the breeze in, you might need to remodel it into a more open design. But don’t forget to neglect the aspect of security.

If you don’t want to do summer renovations before listing your home, that’s fine. It’s not truly a necessity or a trend you should follow. You can still choose to do maintenance of HVAC systems, repairs of wear and tear, or clean the entire home.

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