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Is Your Rental Family-Friendly? 5 Tips That Help

Looking to attract good families to your rental? A lot of landlords assume that they should make huge changes in the unit but the truth is, you can simply improve what you already have. Modifications don’t have to be expensive. Below are tips that transform your rental into a family-friendly one.


Parents consider safety as a top priority. Childproof your rental by installing safety locks on cabinets, using safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, and safety caps on unused electrical outlets. Also, dedicate a specific play area that has enough space for a playpen and is located far from cabinets and doors.

Outdoor Play Area

Nearby playgrounds and parks attract families with kids. But if this isn’t the case with your rental location, what you can do is create a play space outside. Kids adore swings and sandboxes. If you have unused tires, recycle them! Paint them with fun colors and shapes! You can also make mini stools out of chopped logs and have the surface painted for kids to sit on. Families will love the fact that you’ve anticipated their kids’ need for play and exercise.

Convenient Amenities

Your rental apartment may not be huge, but you can compensate in terms of amenities. The secret is to make their stay as convenient as possible. Add a trash bin in every room for kids’ mess and diapers. Have a washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Creative Storage and Organization Solutions

Storage space is one of the many features that families look for. This one’s universal - and a given - as families carry tons of stuff with them. Consider building shelves in unusual places if you already have some in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms. Get shower curtains with pockets. Install magnetic strips on the wall to hold pins and tweezers. Mounted magazine racks also hold other useful things.

Plants and Trees

A simple way to spruce up your outdoor space (aside from creating a playground) is landscaping. Trees and plants keep your property cool - which is a huge plus during summer months. Landscaping also promotes a cleaner air, reduces pollutants, and reduces noise. But most of all, it becomes a beautiful environment where the family can relax and enjoy.

Make Sure Prospective Tenants Know These Things

If you have them, tell families the following features and benefits of living in your rental: 

  • Community Safety. Tell tenants the distance of the nearest police station. If you can find data about the crime rate in your community, let them know too. 
  • Grocery Stores. Are grocery stores within walking distance? If there are affordable restaurants, cafes, or eateries, you’ll want to mention those. 
  • School Proximity. Families would like to live near schools. This allows parents to save money and time commuting. Usually, schools are situated near other amenities that make life easier for everyone.

Final Thoughts

These family-friendly rental tips should help you attract the right tenants. I’ve also written up these simple guides on marketing and preparing the rental: 

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