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7 Affordable Upgrades That Add Value to Your Rental

Sometimes landlords approach me and say that they wished they didn’t run a rental property business. Usually, they do this in times when maintenance issues arise. What you must understand is that improvements need not be expensive. There are ways to make your rental apartment more beautiful, profitable, safer, and comfortable without spending a ton of cash.

Here are several ideas to get you started.

Door handles and knobs

Little details make a huge difference. For sure, you can’t miss door handles and knobs. Take a look at the ones in your rental unit. If they look rusty and old, consider replacing them. Amazon offers sets of 4 that cost you less than $20. Pick a design and color that adds personality to a room.

Wooden blinds

Sunlight is beneficial to everyone living in your rental but too much of it can damage your furniture and carpets. One way to prevent this damage is to install wooden blinds. These blinds effectively keep out sunlight and can easily be adjusted. Faux wooden blinds are the budget-friendly version. They’re also resistant to water damage.


Save yourself from repainting the walls of your kitchen sooner by adding backsplashes. Backsplashes protect your wallpaper or wall paint from the splatter of cooking. Since they can be easily cleaned by wiping, your kitchen is less likely to retain odor. Not just that, they become a focal point of a rental.

More Storage

If you own small rental units, you can make it more appealing to potential renters by adding storage. Try to install more hooks in bathrooms and bedrooms as well as racks and shelves in the kitchen. Find tons of affordable options on Amazon.

New Paint

The most straightforward way to boost the appeal of your rental unit is to add a fresh coat of paint. Not only does painting walls cover up ugly stains, it also promotes a cleaner indoor air for your tenants. To save money on this project, better buy paint in bulk. Try negotiating with a dealer to get a discount.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan may be a small addition to a rental unit but it creates a world of difference to any space. For one, it helps circulate air during winter and summer. This keeps the indoor temperature of your rental more constant. In effect, your cooling and heating appliances won’t have to work that hard, lowering your energy bills.

Tile Stickers

If you can’t afford to replace stained tiles and you’re about to rent out a unit, consider tile stickers. Tile stickers can be placed on kitchen backsplashes, kitchen floors, and bathroom floors. You’ll be able to mix and match patterns and colors to achieve a certain theme. The possibilities are endless. These stickers don’t just cover up permanent stains, they add dimension to a room. You can charge more with this smart and pretty upgrade.

Final Thoughts

These upgrades are definitely worth considering for your rental. Some of them can be done all by yourself while the rest require that you hire a handyman. Nevertheless, such upgrades help you ensure a valuable rental apartment or home that benefits you and your renters now and in the future.

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