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Give Your Home a Happier Vibe With These Tips

Our overall satisfaction with life and the things around us can influence our happiness. Creating a home that promotes daily pleasure is one of the best ways to establish a happy life. They say your home should be a haven that you can retreat to every day. Yet, our home environment can sometimes become lifeless and depressing.

If being home doesn’t make you relaxed or happy anymore, consider making some changes. Each of us may have different tastes and preferences, but these tips can help give your home a happier vibe.

1. Make your home smell good

It’s always a good feeling when you enter a home that smells good. You can have scented candles in your place to give it a wonderful aroma. For example, you can put two in your living room, one in each bedroom, and one in the kitchen or dining table. You don’t have to light all the candles at once.

Light the candle where you’re staying, like when you’re watching television in your bedroom. Aside from scented candles, try diffusing essential oils. It will not only lighten your mood but will also keep you calm.

2. Keep your things organized

Having a happier vibe also entails keeping your stuff clean and organized. Learn to store items somewhere safe and secure. Knowing where your things are will save you time looking for them. Practice organizing your stuff by placing each in the cabinet, shelves, and organizer boxes where they’re more accessible and easier to locate.

3. Play your favorite music

Another way to give a happier vibe inside a home is to play some music. Many can testify that listening to music can boost your mood. You can play your favorite songs or choose some random playlist on Spotify and hit play.

Whether you’re doing household chores, cooking, or simply chilling in the living room, playing some music will give you a happier mood throughout the day. You can sing with it or dance to the beat of the music.

4. Allow natural light inside

Having natural light helps make rooms more comfortable and cozy. Allow natural light from the sun to enter your home. Feeling the ray of sunlight every day is beneficial to someone’s productivity because light from the sun gives off some sort of energy. When the sun is out, take time to enjoy the ray of light, and you’ll experience a happier and healthier vibe (even in the comfort of your home).

5. Add indoor plants to freshen the air

Plants add appeal to your home and boost your health. Some of their benefits include stress reduction and better air quality. Some plants serve as natural air purifiers, like Chrysanthemums that can remove air toxins making your home clean and fresh.

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6. Display photos of your loved ones

You can display two or more pictures of the special people in your life. When you just have a rough day at work, you can look at the photos and reminisce happy memories, especially if you live far from your friends and family. Pictures will remind you of good old times.


While many external factors can affect your happiness, you can focus on something you can manage, like your home.  

If you feel you’re already pleased with your current home vibe, good for you. But if not, creating a happy home is just a few changes away. You can start by applying the six tips in this article and create daily moments of joy.