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Real Estate Trends to Follow In 2022

January is the month of endings and beginnings. That’s why it’s named after Janus, the Roman God of transitions. This means that new trends in real estate markets have emerged. Some from the last two years have also stayed.

As a real estate investor, you must know what these trends are so you can stay successful and even dominate your local market this year. But before reading on, know that we've also written a similar post on the topic. Check it out here.

1. Industrial properties continue to be in high demand

The major driver for this is the rising popularity of e-commerce. With some online merchants getting high demand for their products, they are looking to store their goods in multiple cities and states. This is good news for warehouse owners looking to rent out their areas.

2. Climate change make some markets undesirable

There is no denying that hurricanes, typhoons, and other forces of nature are getting more devastating each year. Coastal communities are at greater risks due to storm surges and city dwellers experience more flooding. As a result, properties in elevated areas such as hilltop suburbs, mountains, or even the countryside are seeing increased demand.

3. Investing in commercial real estate is mainstream

Before, stock trading was just something that the elite, ambitious investors, and people at Wall street did. Nowadays, anyone can trade assets due to the wide availability and simplicity of trading platforms. Coupled with the increasing working population and the seeming return of the world to normalcy, it’s predicted that more people would invest in commercial real estate.

If you want to keep on earning money through real estate without too much physical and paperwork, this might be the right strategy for you. Just make sure you’re buying and selling the right stocks at the right time.

4. Housing inventory remains low

It’s not yet safe to say that the country has recovered economically from the damages of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of homeowners are still skeptical about selling their homes, especially those in a financial bind.

Nobody wants to list their property if they have no guarantee of finding an affordable house to move into. On the bright side, less supply with increased demand means better profit. Do you have plans of selling your property this year? Our suggestion would be to personally network with potential buyers who can afford your selling price.

5. Rent prices continue to be more expensive

If there is a shortage of housing supply on the market, people would turn to rentals. The problem is, almost all rentals have already been occupied at this point. Investors are trying to fill the demand by building more properties to rent out.

But there are also issues of supply chains, shortage of manpower, and the rising cost of construction materials. Instead of selling your house, finding a tenant to occupy it might also be a good idea.

These trends are derived through observing statistics made by the National Association of Realtors. They may not reflect your local real estate market. The best way to be sure and keep your investments successful is to research your target neighborhood yourself.

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