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7 Ways to Beautify a Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

Are you tired of the looks of your small bathroom but can't renovate it? If yes, then look no further.

Even if your bathroom is small, there are several things that you could do to enhance its overall appearance. Since the space isn't that large, your wallet won't be drained. You also don't have to renovate it, especially when you're renting your house. Check out these 7 decorating tips and ideas to have a refreshing small bathroom.

1. Update the fixtures

Before adding any decorations to your bathroom, you must first check if you have leaky faucets or rusty pipes. Then, replace all damaged pieces of equipment and update old fixtures like your shower, towel holder, wall cabinets, and toilet seats.

Prep your bathroom by removing all unnecessary materials or organizing them. If you still have space, add a mirror which is a staple in many households.

2. Brighten the space with plants

Head to your local garden center and pick some houseplants that will add style and color to your bathroom. Choose plants that are suitable to the conditions in your bathroom.

Some of the best plants that thrive in the bathroom are the Claude, aloe vera, snake plant, and ivy vine trailing plant. You can place them at the top of shelves, hang them in the corner, or place them near your sink. Just make sure you don't buy plants that will occupy more space.

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3. Use quick and reversible floor fixes


If you can't replace the tiles on your floor, use fake tiles that are quick to install. For example, you can use water-resistant vinyl floor cloth or interlocking rubber tiles. There are many designs available for bathroom floors. If you want a modernized feel, you can choose a geometric pattern.

4. Be functional

One of the concerns in improving a small bathroom is how to maximize the space. But with suitable materials, your small bathroom can feel luxurious. Mount racks and storage units on your wall to help save space. Choose multifunctional materials like a wall mirror storage cabinet.

5. Use easy-to-install materials

Peel-and-stick bathroom materials are reversible and easier to install than drilling. It's also an inexpensive way to beautify your home. Choose heat and humidity-resistant backsplash, mirror frames, and wallpapers.

6. Include artwork

Some art can give drama and personality to your monochromatic bathroom. It will also give a more luxurious look and creates a focal point for the space. Make a gallery wall by hanging some-eye catching artwork above your sink or bathtub.

7. Choose proper lighting

Mount lights that complement a stylish and cohesive design. There are actually different lighting recommended for different parts of the bathroom. For example, scones are most commonly used for vanity lighting, recessed lights for your shower, and ambient lighting on the ceiling.


Your bathroom deserves as much care as your bedroom and living room. So add some details that will make you and your guests appreciate it more. However, don't overcrowd your bathroom with designs and additional fixtures. This will only make your room disorganized and more of a distraction than a relaxing place. So plan ahead and think creatively!

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