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Top Bathroom Features That Will Attract Home Buyers

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in a house. Aside from the obvious reasons, the bathroom is a great place where we can grab our moments of solitude and unwind after a rough day. Most home buyers will be looking for a home with a nicely built bathroom and all the added features, especially if you’re selling to millennials.

In 2019, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) did a survey on the bathroom features that consumers desire the most, and it revealed a linen closet and a shower stall as top features on the list. Additionally, the same report reveals these are top five bathroom features that are more likely to attract home buyers.

1. Linen closet

Having enough storage space throughout a home appeals to many prospective buyers. And it’s not surprising that nearly four out of five consumers find a linen closet the most essential or “must-have” bathroom feature. It’s basically a confined space in a bathroom where you can effectively store household items, such as towels, linens, and other toiletries while maintaining a retreat-like ambiance.  

A linen closet can discretely keep commonly used items you don’t want publicly exposed, making your bathroom look more clean, organized, and stylish.

2. Shower stall and tub

Home buyers want options, and adding a shower stall and a tub to the bathroom is a great way to pique their interest. Separating the showers from the bathtub gives more space, versatility, and visual aesthetics fitting for a modern bathroom.

Many consumers enjoy enclosed showers for the added benefit of having privacy and keeping the water from splashing all over the place while still looking stylish. Meanwhile, bathtubs offer maximum comfort and relaxation, making them an essential feature, especially for homes with multiple bathrooms.

3. Double vanity

Double vanity refers to a bathroom with two sinks installed into a cabinet. It also means that more than one person can use the bathroom at once, making it more attractive to potential buyers. For example, couples who like to do things together, such as brushing their teeth or washing their faces before bed, are more likely to find double vanities practical and desirable. With more space in the bathroom, no one has to fight over bathroom time and get in the way of someone else’s routine. 

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4. Private toilet compartment

A private toilet compartment, also called a water closet, refers to a partition or room with a toilet within the confines of a bathroom. Its primary appeal is privacy, especially for spouses who share the same bathroom and use it together simultaneously.  

Separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom can help the bathroom remain more sanitary while keeping the least attractive feature (the toilet) out of sight.                                          

5. Granite vanity

Home buyers include granite vanities in their top five most wanted bathroom features due to their beauty, solidity, and water-shedding properties. Using granite for countertops can be expected to return years of high performance in the bathroom, as long as it’s well-maintained. With durability as its selling point, a granite vanity top is more likely to add value to your home.


Home buyers are becoming more and more meticulous when it comes to choosing their new homes. They want a home that offers the most comfort and convenience while maintaining a stylish appeal. Since the bathroom is the most used room in a house, investing in it is an excellent way to increase the resale value of your home. So, the next time you build a bathroom, don’t forget to add these top bathroom features to make it desirable and attractive to home buyers.