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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill so Tenants Have More Days to Fight Evictions

On September 7, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that would allow tenants to have more time to respond to an eviction. 

This new law, Assembly Bill 2343, states that weekend days and holidays are not counted as times at which tenants need to respond to the eviction. The law was introduced by Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco). Specifically, tenants are given 3 court days to pay the rent or pack up after receiving the eviction notice. They’re also given 5 court days to respond to the eviction lawsuit.   

According to Chiu, “Tenants in California are facing unprecedented hardships and constantly living under the threat of eviction,”  “A few extra days can be the difference between staying in their home or becoming homeless.” 

In the past, weekend days and holidays were counted. With this new bill in place, landlords can no longer “take advantage” of the system by giving tenants an eviction notice right before the weekend. 

The new law will be effective Sept. 1, 2019. 

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