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Showing Your Rental Property to Prospective Tenants

After you've successfully advertised your rental property, interested applicants may start contacting you to get more information about the property and see it. Knowing the best practices for showing your property helps make the leasing process safer, less stressful, and easier on your part. 

On this topic, several questions arise:

1. What are tips to maximize the process of showing your property to interested renters?

2. What are questions (forbidden areas) you need to avoid asking your prospective tenants during your meeting?

3. What are some safety tips when screening potential tenants or showing your property to them? 

Let's talk about the first of these 3 questions. What are tips to maximize the process of showing your property to interested renters?

  • Internet scams - Internet scams are common especially if you're advertising your property on Craigslist. A common scenario is when you get overseas emails from "students" who offer to send you a check. You need to verify the identities of these people. Be very careful in renting to unseen tenants. 
  • Pre-screen to avoid wasting time - Pre-screening saves you and a potential tenant's time. Prepare with you a list of pre-screening questions to ask tenants who call. Note: A pre-screening checklist is available in this module which existing Landlord Prep students can download. 
  • Encourage drive-by if neighborhood or appearance might be issue - Have interested tenants drive by your unit before you have an appointment. This is important if there is a possibility of tenants being concerned about the appearance of your property or neighborhood. 
  • Take down phone numbers - Whenever an interested tenant calls you to make an appointment, always take down his/her phone number just in case changes in schedule or cancellations happen. This is also for you to confirm the appointment one hour prior. 
  • Arrange with current tenants (if applicable) - Be prepared to give your tenants at least 24 hours notice of any particular showings on weekends. 
  • Be professional - Act professionally at all times. Remember that you are to maintain a business relationship with your tenant. 
  • Give a complete tour, pointing out features - Show off the interior and exterior areas of your property so potential tenants will have a clear idea of what it's like to live in your rental. Giving tenants a complete tour will also save you time and effort in setting up another appointment. 
  • Ask whether the place meets the person’s needs - To wrap up the appointment after showing the different amenities of your property, ask the interested tenant whether your property meets his/her needs. The person's answer will help you gauge his interest in your rental. You can ask whether the person wants an application.

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