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Welcome Your New Military Neighbors With These Creative Gifts

It’s no secret that within military neighborhoods, there’s always that feeling of excitement when a new family is moving in. A military community is always a warm one where people are looking to build meaningful connections.

One of the best ways to welcome a neighbor (other than saying “hello, welcome!) is to offer a present. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the kindness behind the act that matters. Below, you’ll find 9 creative gift ideas. Keep reading.

1. Home-cooked meal

A warm meal is a simple yet lovely gesture that shows you care. A few good options include mac and cheese, chicken pie, or beef and vegetable casserole. When moving, people don’t have the luxury to prepare their own meals since they’re busy packing and unpacking.

2. Cleaning supplies

Guess what every family does once they settle into a home? Clean the surroundings. That is why cleaning supplies will always make good gifts. Your gift basket could include microfiber rags, a spray bottle, an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, and scrubbers.

3. Bagels and coffee

The best time to give this gift would be in the morning — but not too early though! Help them start their day or week right. You don’t have to make the bagels yourself. Stop by the local bakery.

4. Movie night gift basket

After all the stress of moving in, your new neighbors will just want to relax. Make that possible by offering a gift basket that includes popcorn, some candies, chocolates, and fleece blankets.

5. Family mugs

Coffee mugs are always amazing gifts. They’re simple, useful, and perfect for work. Not to mention, people become attached to their mugs. And thankfully, mugs are also affordable.

6. Pantry essentials

Your new neighbors might need to put together last-minute meals. With that, it would be nice to welcome them with basic pantry essentials such as salt, vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, honey, flour, sugar, and spices.

7. A guide book of local resources

If you want a DIY gift idea, why not create a book and write down everything your neighbor needs to know about the place? You could simply buy a notebook or scrapbook. Then print out notes and paste them. Include things such as the contact numbers of local offices, parks, schools, the best restaurants, salons, vet clinics, and gyms.

8. Local items

Introduce your neighbors to some of the best products from your hometown. It could be the local wine, baked goods, and soap bars.

9. Indoor plant

Help them make their home a little more welcoming by offering a houseplant as a gift. Not only do indoor plants beautify a home, but they also purify the air. Great options include the Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, and Chinese Evergreen.

Of course, you can always show up empty-handed with a warm greeting. However, gift giving can make a huge difference in helping them feel at home!