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5 Helpful House Hunting Apps to Find Your Dream Home

Did you know that around 6 million homes were sold in the US last 2021? But even though countless houses are available in the market, some people still have difficulty finding the right one.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a new home. This includes the location, size, design, and, of course, price. If you plan on buying a house but don't know where to look, you may start by downloading an app that caters to your house-hunting needs. A real estate app makes it more convenient for buyers to choose a property that suits their needs.

Here are the 5 best apps to help you find your dream home.

1. Zillow

Zillow is considered one of the best and most downloaded house-hunting apps on Android and iOS devices. It’s the most downloaded app because of its massive scope. In fact, you can access updated information on over 135 million homes in the US! In addition, its features include search filters for not only pricing but also for school districts, pets, HOAs, and other criteria. You can also get virtual tours to have a 3D and panoramic view of your prospective house's space and floor plans.

Check out their website and their apps on Android and iOS here.

2. Trulia

Consider downloading Trulia if you want to know what kind of neighborhood your prospective home is in. Aside from the price, square footage, and rooms available, you can also learn about the demographic stats, schools, commute times, shopping, and dining places, among others. With these neighborhood-focused features, you can geographically narrow your search to meet your personal needs.

Check their website for more info, and download the Android and iOS app here.

3. Redfin

If you want to check the house online while communicating with an actual real estate agent, Redfin is best for you. Redfin has professional agents that specialize in different steps of the home-buying process. They can also give a video tour which allows you to see if the house is a good fit before you use your day for an in-person tour. Redfin also has features that give you insight into a property's risk of natural disasters, including floods and wildfires.

Check out the website of Redfin and download the Andriod or iOS app here.

4., which is connected to the National Association of Realtors, allows you to get in touch with realtors nearby. In addition, this app includes property profiles with specific details such as neighborhood noise level, community, and security features. The listing agents can also update their listings for free and show properties through pictures or video tours.

Check out their website and app for Android and iOS here.

5. Rocket Homes

Rocket Homes constantly updates its home listings and creates a home-buying plan to help you with your purchase. In addition to a wide range of search filters, Rocket Homes allows you to access your TransUnion credit score and credit history.

Check out the Rocket Homes website and app on Android and iOS.


These house-hunting apps don't only help you to look for your dream house. They can also help process your transactions to make your buying experience hassle-free. However, some real estate apps do not show accurate information on the property, so cross-check the information with other apps or actual listing agents.

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