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7 Airbnb Hosting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Have you thought of becoming a host on Airbnb? Because it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn cash. Some people do it full-time, while others treat it as an additional revenue stream. To run a profitable Airbnb business, you need to be aware of common rookie mistakes. Make sure you avoid them as a new host:

1. Poorly written or incomplete description

Many new Airbnb hosts rush through their listing information. You may be excited for your first listing, but it’s more important to ensure that it contains all the details people look for. Your description needs to be accurate and complete. It should help travelers envision their stay.

2. Ignoring requests by your guests

A guest may message you to simply ask how to get from the airport to your place, or how to use a piece of equipment in the kitchen. By responding to your guests, you are letting them know that you value their safety and comfort.

3. Crappy Airbnb photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Just imagine yourself as a potential Airbnb guest. How would you react to a photo that’s dark, grainy, and blurry? Or a photo that shows how dirty or disorganized a room is? Airbnb recommends that you take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. Before taking photos, set the scene.

4. Theming your space

While it’s essential to make your space attractive and inspiring, you also need to be careful not to go overboard with designs and colors. You may be thrilled with an outer space themed room, but most of your guests aren’t. Keep it neutral. Also, try to avoid expensive antiques that could accidentally get damaged.

5. Not asking for reviews from guests

Some guests may express their satisfaction in person or through text, but don’t leave a review. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to ask your guests to leave an honest review based on their experience. It’s not something to be shy about. And if a guest has a complaint, respond in a calm and proactive manner. Make things right.

6. Keeping the same price all year round

There are times of the year where more people look for vacation rentals. For example, during the summer or holiday season. Because of this rising demand, you would be able to charge more than regular days. At the same time, offer special deals during downtimes like fall and spring. It’s a mistake to keep the same pricing. Adjusting it accordingly will not only help you profit, but also entice guests.

7. Setting the wrong expectations

I have heard of stories where Airbnb guests got disappointed because the place “wasn’t what they expected.” Yes, it’s important to be able to write a great description. But don’t oversell. And never describe your place as great when in reality, it’s shoddy.

Hopefully, by sharing these common rookie mistakes, you can avoid them and become a great host. Get started on the right foot!

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