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5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate With Little Money

Real estate is a great form of investment. Aside from having a place to live in, it can help you generate profit by leasing it out. As long as there are renters, you’ll have a stable source of income.

Not only that, but the value of real estate properties tends to increase over time. If you want to double your investment, selling your property in the future, especially when the market is high, is a good idea.

While making money often requires a lot of money, the good news is that investing in real estate is possible even when you don’t have substantial capital.

Are you thinking of investing in real estate with the amount of cash you have? Here are five different options to start with. Read on.  

1. Live Now, Rent Later

This type of real estate investment involves buying a property and living in it for a while. You can set it up for rent by renovating it according to your style and preference. Eventually, you vacate the house and open it for renters. Although you have little money, you can still pay your remaining mortgage through the rental income.

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2. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best websites for homestays and short-term vacations. Staging your property on this kind of platform will surely generate income. This strategy won’t require a lot of money if you already have an existing property. You have two options on this — offer the entire place up for rent or just a part of it. If you have a large property, you can save the rest of the space for your occupancy.

3. House Flipping

A real estate investment called house flipping is when someone buys a property, looks for a prospective buyer, and then sells it. Some investors sell the property right away when a buyer is available, while others prefer to repair and renovate it first so they can sell it for a much higher price. Both strategies generate income, so think about which option benefits you the most.

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4. Monthly Installment Scheme

This strategy is perfect for aspiring investors who don’t have enough capital to buy a property in cash. The seller of the real estate will allow monthly installments for an allowable period. You will have to pay a downpayment or equity first, but then the rest will be done every month. A lot of people are buying properties in this way nowadays.

5. Become a Real Estate Agent

They say, “experience can be the best teacher.” Knowing how the real estate business works comes with learning it firsthand. You can become a real estate agent yourself and sell properties. After some time, you can invest in that same real estate as well. Many agents can testify that they were able to purchase their land, apartment, or any property with hard-earned money and education.


Profiting from your real estate investment can come in different forms. It could be by directly selling your property for cash or making money passively through renting your place and receiving money monthly or quarterly depending on your agreement.  

In summary, everyone can invest in real estate with little money. There may be bumps along the way with all the financial constraints, but brighter days will come. When you invest now and slowly build your capital, one day you’ll get more than you paid for, plus interest.