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How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Summer is here, a perfect time for grilling barbecues in the backyard, picnicking on the beach, and dipping in the pool. It’s the best season to have fun with outdoor adventures or enjoy ice cream under the clear blue skies. 

But while this season is supposed to be your chance to relax, there are days when the summer sun becomes unbearably hot that cranking up the AC at home seems like your only option. All is well and good until you see your electric bill rack up to an all-time high.   

Fortunately, there are other ways of keeping your house cool without emptying your wallet or negatively affecting the environment. Here are six tips that will help you stay cool this summer.   

1. Block the heat

Letting the sunlight streaming through your windows can energize you as you wake up in the morning. However, the heat during summer could raise the room temperature to an uncomfortable level. To keep your house cool, make sure to close the blinds and curtains at the hottest time of the day, which is at noon. This will block the heat and keep the hot air out.

2. Avoid using the oven or stove

Speaking of hot air, the oven or stove generates unnecessary heat to the already hot atmosphere in your kitchen. Consider using the grill more and switch to barbecue eating, or you could prepare meals that don’t require an oven to cook, such as salads or sandwiches.

Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to put out your grill and dine outdoors with your friends and family. Now, wouldn’t that be a fun way to beat the summer?

3. Switch off appliances

Like ovens, you'd be surprised by the amount of unwanted heat other appliances around the house will generate over the summer. In addition to turning things like your desktop computer, TV, and kitchen appliances off when not in use, try using them strategically throughout the day.

For example, consider using appliances such as irons only after the sun goes down or try charging your phones early in the morning when it’s cooler. With this, you can keep your house cool while cutting back on your electric bills.

4. Ice your fan

Summer might be a great time to start innovating and avoid relying too much on your AC. Cool down your room using a fan and ice combo. To set it up, place a large bowl of mounded ice in front of a fan while it's working and enjoy an icy-cool breeze without breaking the bank.

5. Keep windows open at night

Keeping your window open might be the opposite of blocking the heat, but doing it at night gets you a flow of cool air moving through the house. Temperature tends to drop at night, even during summer. So, make the most of these refreshing hours and open the windows before going to sleep.

6. Install insulation

Adding Insulation to your attic and walls will significantly improve your home’s climate all year round, protecting you against cold in winter and excess heat in summer. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution that keeps the cool air in and heat out. A well-insulated house is also very energy efficient, keeping your electric bills to a minimum from summer to winter.


Staying outdoors and enjoying the sun is the whole point of summer. Yet too much heat can turn your house into an oven, and staying there can make you restless and uncomfortable, especially during the day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to embrace the heat while you rest comfortably in your home. You can start with these six simple tips and hacks, which can help keep your house cool and beat the summer heat, even without an AC.

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