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10 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Dwellers

Growing plants indoors started during ancient civilizations. It was practiced by Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese civilizations. The reasons mainly were for courtyard aesthetics and having plants indoors signified the building’s higher social status within the civilization.

In the modern era, indoor plants are now cultivated for the purpose of removing air pollutions and allergens. Indoor plants also are kept for reducing noise and stress, boosting productivity, balancing humidity and many more.

But which plants would be suitable for those living in apartments? Are you the low-maintenance type? Or are you the aesthetic-type? Let’s find out.

1. Spider Plant

Self-propagating, air cleaning, and small, the spider plant requires only low to medium indirect sunlight. Even if you go out of town for a few days and forget to assign a friend to water it, the Spider Plant will still survive.

2. ZZ Plant

Ideally used as a corner plant, it can also be watered 3 times a month with low sunlight. The ZZ plant is one of the best addition to your space and it doesn’t attract pests as well.

3. Red Prayer Plant

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If you’re looking for one of the low indirect sunlight needed good aesthetic plants, the Red Prayer is your choice. Red veins on soft dark green leaves are perfect for a white walled background. You just have to water it regularly and get it misted once a week.

4. Zebra Plant

One of the best indoor decor plants for windows, bathrooms, and tables, the Zebra Plant is a succulent requiring low upkeep to grow. All you have to do is some minimal watering in small pots!

5. Bird’s Nest Fern

Hung or potted, your choice, the Bird’s Nest Fern aesthetic fits any area and can be relocated around your apartment easily. It also thrives in low light spaces.

6. Cacti

Do you want a plant that only needs to be watered once a week? The funky-looking cacti are your best bet. Because of their spiky aesthetic, they can fit any home design be it bohemian or modern. And just so you know, during winters, watering intervals for cacti are longer.

7. Succulents

Small, good looking, nearly indestructible, popular, and requires a little bit of sunlight, if these are what you’re looking for, then the succulent plants are what you need. As the plant type of the Zebra Plant, succulents require only a little sunlight and watering once a month.

8. Chinese Evergreen

Either low or high humidity, the Chinese Evergreen thrives. Even with artificial light this green to light green spotted leafed plant survives. Make those corners aesthetically pleasing with Chinese Evergreens.


9. African Violets

This list has a shortage of beautiful flowers, so let’s add the purple African Violets. These gorgeous shade of purple require minimal care. How minimal if you ask? Just once a week. But do be careful when watering not to get water on the flowers and leaves, as it can cause water spots, hence ruining its true beauty.

10. Peace Lily

For those who love the elegant aesthetic of white and purity, here’s the Peace Lily. The base leaves are long and dark contrasted by the white crown flower. Ideally placed on bedside tables or living room tables, the Peace Lily’s foliage can get damaged by direct sunlight. Peace Lilies also survive in fluorescent light and will only require to be watered once a week.

Low maintenance, size, beauty, or aesthetically pleasing? Which of these criteria fits your taste? And what indoor plant have you decided on? Make sure to buy and add it to your place the next time you visit your local plant shop.