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8 Best Apartment Hacks For Dog-Friendly Living

Our pets are part of our lives. The mutual love and companionship we share with them change us as we change theirs. But not all rental properties allow pets in and it would be lucky to find an apartment where your beloved furry companion is welcome!

What if you’ve found an apartment that’s pet-friendly? That would be perfect, right? But the problem is, your pet won’t be apartment-friendly. Scratches, bite marks, barking or sheddings might damage the furniture and disturb the neighbors.

These hacks will make sure that your living with your furry loved one will allow you and your to landlord maintain a peaceful relationship. 

1. Dampen rubber gloves to remove fur

When vacuums or lint rollers no longer do the job, use a dishwashing glove and dampen it then run it across the fur-covered furniture. The damp rubber can also pick up sheddings like a charm.

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2. Glue coarse sandpaper to a wide piece of wood

This hack is specifically for dog scratching. Dogs like to scratch surfaces to mark their territories and also because it feels good for them. To avoid furniture damages, glue coarse sandpaper onto a wall or a furniture leg.

3. Attach velcro straps to keep carpets and rugs in place

Dogs run around the house whether you are around or not. When they do, floor covers will be displaced. Sew or glue velcro straps to your carpet and on the floor to keep them in place from your dog’s careless movements. This works for children as well.

4. Build a potty patio

Do you want to save the hassle of taking your dog outside just to poop? You can build your own potty patio for your dog. Ideally made for winter or rainy conveniences, the doggy patio can be placed indoors. If you want you can also top the dog potty patio with real or fake grass.

5. Give your dog a Hol-ee full of fabric

Dogs like to play with fabrics or gnaw on something. Why not improvise and put their two favorite recreational vices into one? Cut or tear pieces of unwanted fabric and stuff them into a Hol-ee Roller to keep them occupied from damaging other parts of the house while you’re not around.

6. Build a dog playhouse

To expand on preventing your dog from damaging parts of your apartment, why not build a playhouse for your dog while you’re away. Put the fabric Hol-ee in and cover the areas with coarse sandpaper for a 3in1 function. Or go for a dog daycare and include #7 in the playhouse.

7. Fill a tennis ball with treats and fabric

This is guaranteed to keep your dog occupied for hours while you’re away. Cut a 2-inch slice and fill the ball with treats and fabrics. Your dog will do the effort of getting those treats and fabric out while ignoring other parts of your apartment. To ensure your dog stays in one place, put the tennis ball in the playhouse.

8. Bitter apple on no-dog zones

Dogs can’t stand the smell and taste of bitter apple and they’d stay away from areas reeking of it rather than linger on them. So if you want your pup to stay away and not nibble on some certain apartment stuff, spray bitter apple on those areas. The bitter apple spray is used to prevent dogs from biting and licking their wounds. It’s non-toxic so it is safe for your dog.

To ensure your pet is behaving while you’re away from your apartment, know what they want and hate. Provide their wants and prepare them in a proper way in one area. To keep them off areas you don’t want them to be, rub off attributes of the things they hate there. 

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