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How Do I Decorate My Airbnb Property?

Airbnb is an online marketplace for homestays as a vacation rental. Many property owners are opening their houses, apartment, or condos for guests in return for getting rental payments as income. If you’re looking to venture into this kind of business, know that it requires time and investment.

To attract renters, you’ll need to stage and photograph your place. Awesome photos can give you the edge for booking. In addition, indicate all the features your Airbnb can offer, like access to the pool, gym, wifi, safe, and security features. These should be on your listing so that prospective tenants can check if you have what they expect in an Airbnb.

Lastly, your place must leave a good and lasting impression on the guests. Their reviews based on their actual experiences will affect your future visitors’ impression of your rental.

To get you started, here are tips on how to decorate your Airbnb property. Buckle up, and read on.

1. Select A Theme

Before immersing yourself in the theme of your Airbnb, think of your audience—your prospective renters. Decide if you’re offering your place to families, couples, or business travelers. Next, consider the location—will your place be situated in the middle of the city or by the beach? Identifying your target audience is essential for conceptualizing your theme. Design tip: Spend time walking around your Airbnb location and grab some inspiration from coffee shops, boutiques, and restos.  

2. Plan Out Your Design Concept

Now that you’ve identified the prospective tenants and the theme of your place, it’s time to plan out your design concept. The design should be consistent in all the rooms and every angle and corner of your Airbnb. Think of the best color combinations for your walls and furniture. Most guests are attracted to a minimalist type of design that is pleasing to their eyes and makes them comfortable in staying. 

3. Minimal yet Functional

Staging your Airbnb includes removing some personal stuff. The place should make your renters feel at home. Consider adding some ornaments or items that are in connection to your theme. Use minimal pieces and functional furniture. You may want to add opening shelves, wall racks, or a closet where guests can keep their belongings. Design tip: Choose statement pieces that are Pinterest and Instagram-worthy!

4. Provide Some Stuff for Free

Sometimes, no matter how prepared we are, some things tend to be forgotten, or you lacked time to buy essential items before traveling. As the Airbnb host, save your renters from this kind of stress by including extra items in your rental, such as toiletries (like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste), a hairdryer, baby wipes, and towels. This small but meaningful gesture will make your guests feel welcomed and cared for.

5. Add a Large Mirror

Large mirrors can go along with ANY type of room and make it look more spacious. Consider placing your mirror near a window to provide more light to the room. On top of that, choosing the right mirror can potentially make your Airbnb stand out more.


Owning a property is one thing and decorating it for Airbnb rental is another. Careful planning on the theme, styling, furniture, and amenities are all equally important. These are all part of the investment that will make your place alluring and remarkable. 

After all, your Airbnb is not just a renting place—it’s a home away from home. Your Airbnb should offer tenants a sense of relaxation, excitement, security, and comfort. Attract more renters through your unique styling and staging. Start exploring your creativity and make your Airbnb listing stand out in the market.

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