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10 Strategies to Keep Pests At Bay During a Pandemic

Human activity outdoors around the world has ceased drastically and sanitation is now a top priority. As an effect, pests from urban zones have run out of food to eat. Rats on the streets of bustling cities surface from sewers in search of garbage to eat. The good news is, there aren't many left. And the worst part is, these pests are invading homes and apartments in desperation. So how can you keep them out? Read until the end.

1. Seal off trash bins (Flies and Raccoons)

Flies and raccoons are in a 24/7 search for food sources or spawning grounds. It is important that you should lock garbage bin lids from the outdoors. Inside your apartment, keep your trash can lid closed and away from walls for ants to crawl over.

2. Don’t leave food droppings (Ants)

Like flies and raccoons, ants are also searching for food and water inside your apartment relentlessly. Make sure every time you’re done eating, you wipe off your food droppings on tables and kitchen counters. Pay attention to the mess that children and pets leave behind after their meals.

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3. Throw out or repurpose leftovers (All Pests)

If you have leftovers from cooking or eating, don’t leave them on the sink, kitchen counter, or on your table. For inedible food, seal it off in a plastic bag before tossing it in the trash bin. This will contain the smell of decaying organic matter which attracts pests. Or you can repurpose edible leftovers by storing them in food containers and in your fridge.

4. Seal off food containers (All Pests)

Aside from preventing your food from being stale or spoiled, sealing treats in containers also hide them from the senses of insects and rodents. Use zip locks, small lunch boxes, or airtight jars when storing cereal, pet food, or other sweet treats.

5. Keep your furniture and books well-ventilated (Termites)

Termites damage books and eat wood. The best way to keep these tree products off their radar is to keep them dry. Avoid the chances of these objects to accumulate and retain moisture. Termites also eat human food products. So make sure to store your food supplies 12-inches off the ground.

6. Use friendly chemicals or heat on fabric and couches (Bedbugs)

Bedbugs rarely infest on private spaces but you can bring them home from the outdoors. You can spray rubbing alcohol on your mattress, beddings, and couch to avoid infestation. If your fabric can withstand heat tumble drying, consider this option as well to kill microscopic colonies. Regularly expose your mattresses and pillows in direct sunlight if possible.

7. Use a strong vacuum cleaner on pest hotspots (Insects)

Some tiny pests have a strong grip on surfaces due to their hook-like legs. What’s worse, they usually hide on walls and sofa crevices. Remove them by using a vacuum cleaner with a powerful hose attachment. Be sure to open the vacuum bag outside your home to deliver the final blow in eliminating captured insects.

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8. Seal gaps in your home and avoid clutter (All Pests)

Rats and cockroaches will gnaw on everything just to get your food. They will also eat your fabric. Search for gaps in walls cabinets, sink cabinets, or your clothing cabinets. Immediately close these holes with foam fillers. You can use quick-drying white cement as well.

9. Buy a bug zapper (Mosquitoes and Flies)

Mosquitoes and biting gnats are attracted to the carbon dioxide in our breath and sweat. The best way to kill them while keeping other harmless insects safe is to choose bug zappers that emit pheromone octenol instead of the UV light variety.

10. Drain containers with stagnant water (Mosquito and Flies)

To prevent the spawning of mosquitoes and flies, always make sure that there are no areas that can hold stagnant water. Look for buckets especially when you have a garden. Keep these water containers dry or flip them over after use. Also, make sure your trash bag is dry inside. This will prevent flies from laying eggs as maggots thrive in moisture from decaying matter.

In summary, most pests are present when there is food around. The best way to prevent them from infesting your apartment home is to keep your food supply out of their senses.

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