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9 Helpful Tips for Airbnb Hosts During COVID-19

Has the pandemic affected your hosting business? I’m going to tell you that there are other hosts fairing well out there. Want to know their secret? For starters, they’re updating their spaces and listings to fit what guests need during these times. In this article, you’ll find what you need to update your space on and advertising techniques to entice guests your way. 

For advertising

1. Offer and adopt a flexible cancellation policy

Booking for future travels is uncertain and guests feel the same way. While you can always go back to your strict policy when you need it, it’s best to impose a flexible cancellation policy for now. This would give guests the confidence in moving forward for a new reservation if they know they have the flexibility to cancel.

2. Allow long stays with weekly to monthly discounts

With the travel restrictions still going on, it isn’t quite sure how long your guests will be in need of your services. Many of them will look for longer stays close to home. Make adjustments to your listing and offer a discount for every booking of long stays. Once you do, you get more bookings than hosts that don’t offer discounts. With long-duration stays, you’re also going to spend less with sanitation every time a guest checks out.

3. Update your listing description with amenities that guests might need this season

What do guests need at this time of the pandemic? Social distancing measures are highly encouraged. Traditional office working has shifted into remote working. Sanitation and cleanliness are now top priorities. If available, update your listing with descriptions like:

  • Fast wifi
  • Comfortable workspace
  • Child-friendly zone

For sanitation and infection prevention

4. Clean then disinfect high-contact objects

Doorknobs, doorbells, light switches, and tabletops are primary examples of areas that you should wipe the dirt, dust, and grime off. When disinfecting with chemicals, be sure to check expiration dates on labels for you and your guest to avoid inhaling toxic gases.

5. Wash linens with the highest heat setting

Most viruses die at high temperatures. Be sure to wash your bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, or any fabric that your guests will use with anti-bacterial laundry soap. Remember to wear gloves when handling the laundry. Avoid shaking dirty fabric to avoid the spread of germs. And wash your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning.

6. Provide your guests with essential amenities

One of the best ways to help curve the spread of infection is to give others the chance to protect themselves. Go the extra-mile of maintaining a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene in your property. You can do this by providing your guests with:

  • Hand soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels

Expect guests to be curious about your techniques in reducing the spread of infection. Include in your listing your enhanced cleaning routines but don’t make unsubstantial claims such as listing your space as “COVID-FREE”.

For screening and following social distancing guidelines

7. Offer self check-in

Install door smart-locks or key locks. Provide the lock password through call and text for staying guests. Aside from them appreciating this, you’ll also attract more guests with your minimum-contact policy. So remember to update your listing by offering self check-in.

8. Avoid direct and close-proximity physical contact

If in-person meetings are unavoidable, keep in mind to always wear a face-mask. Encourage your guests to avoid handshakes and hugging. Instead, find other no-contact greeting alternatives especially if you feel sick.

9. Don’t encourage guests to ignore travel advisories

Ask your guests screening questions first. A good example would be, “Do you currently have any travel restrictions in your area due to the coronavirus?”. Having guests for profit is good but it is also important to follow government guidelines. Share health, safety, and travel advisory information from appropriate sources like your local government and

Workspaces, fast-wifi, child friendly, and enhanced sanitation are all good host space qualities. Adding flexible cancellation policies and self check-in make you more likely to attract plenty of guests. Be sure to update your listing description to reflect your services offered.

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