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The Disadvantages of Landscaping for Your Rental (And What You Can Do About It)

Many landlords think about landscaping around their rental property because of the advantages it offers:

  • Provides a cooler and more comfortable environment
  • Attracts potential tenants, especially those who love nature
  • Plants absorb carbon dioxide, thereby ensuring a cleaner air
  • Minimizes noise (trees and shrubs act as noise barriers)

But what you don’t know is that landscaping can do you more harm than good. In this article, let’s put more focus on how landscaping is a liability for a landlord, especially busy landlords and landlords who live far from the rental.

Plants can act as cover for burglars

Criminals who want to steal from your property can easily hide behind a thick wall of bushes. If you insist on landscaping, make sure that you plant low and thorny bushes. Roses and barberries are prickly and keep burglars away. Also, increase visibility by keeping bushes well-trimmed. I would also suggest that you cover the ground near your windows with gravel since gravel produces a loud crunch when stepped on.

Water damage to your basement

When not planned and done right, landscaping can lead to the pooling of water around your foundation. Eventually, water will make its way into your basement. Basements are prone to flooding because they’re the lowest points in your property. From the start, place flower beds away from the foundation. Also, have the landscaping company create a slope that leads water away from the house.

Maintenance responsibilities

Who gets to maintain the landscape? You or your tenants? A landlord may state in the lease that tenants are to be responsible in the maintenance of the landscape beds and other outdoor routine tasks. However, there are instances when a homeowner’s association would require that a landscape be trimmed regularly. In this case, a landlord may handle the maintenance to avoid fines or pass on the fines to the tenant if the tenant is responsible.

Falling tree limbs cause property damage and accidents

If your trees have aged, a lack of maintenance may lead to property damage - even injuries. This is especially true during storms. You don’t want to deal with liability issues that are preventable from the beginning. As a property owner and landlord, have your trees regularly examined by arborists to determine the potential for being hazardous.

Before you start a rental property business, think about landscaping. If you must have a landscape, use the tips above to avoid consequences like theft, damage, accidents, and fines.

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