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The Top 9 Real Estate Sites to List Your Home for Sale

When selling your home, it’s good to advertise it by putting a yard sign or posting it on social media. But that won’t be enough to guarantee a quick sell. Buyers may not always look for houses to buy there. You need to advertise it on listing sites. Here are a few of the top platforms you should use.

1. Homes for Heroes

This site is the best if you’ve served in the military, worked as a first responder, police officer, healthcare professional, or teacher. You’ll get to earn rewards and other savings if you put out your home for sale on the website. They’ll also help you refinance your real estate investments.

Visit the site here.


If you’re an experienced home seller and want to handle the entire selling process yourself, this site is your #1 choice. One perk of using is that you have the option to list your property on other real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, MLS, and more.

Visit the site here.

3. Trulia

The feature that makes Trulia stand out from other listing sites is that they source insights from people around the neighborhood of your property. The result is that buyers gain a deeper understanding of the home’s value and the community around it which could help them make a sound decision of starting the negotiation process.

Visit the site here.


In terms of listing accuracy and matching, takes the #1 spot. The listings are updated by realtors daily and in real-time. Once you put your property into the listing, the realtors will evaluate the property’s value, neighborhood criteria, and upload your listing photos and videos. Then, they’ll match your property with the best buyer.

Visit the site here.

5. Zillow

Overall, Zillow is truly the best property listing website. Their platform is so dynamic that you can see how many views your property received and how many buyers saved your listing. Not only that, but the website is free to use with a mobile app.

Visit the site here.

6. Redfin

Want the help of a real estate agent without paying a 6% commission? Redfin’s got that for you. Their 1% listing fee package includes a 3D walkthrough, professional photography, premium listing placement, open house, and a yard sign.

Visit the site here.

7. MLS

MLS is a free Multiple Listing Service where you can list any type of property from new construction homes, homes for sale, resale homes, and new homes to commercial property, acreage, land, lots, land, and other kinds of investment properties.

Visit the site here.

8. LoopNet

Not every property for sale is residential and it would be less ideal to post a commercial property on residential listing sites. With LoopNet, you can make sure your listing gets exposed to buyers who are looking for commercial properties. You can also choose the exposure level of your listing through Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Premium listing exposure options.

Visit the site here.

9. Movoto

Movoto isn’t about local exposure level. Instead, it puts your listing nationwide. Like Trulia, Movoto helps buyers make a buying decision by analyzing your property’s local area. Buyers are then provided with various points of interest near to your property like schools, gas stations, grocery markets, and bars.

Visit the site here.

Most listing sites provide appraisals for your properties. But sometimes, the estimated selling price could be lower than how much you bought the home. It’s essential to include whatever information is required about your property as honestly and accurately as possible. Don’t forget to make the necessary repairs before selling. Remember, safe and secure amenities add tremendous value to the home.

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