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This is the complete Landlord Prep Academy, offered online for your 24/7 convenience. Includes all lessons and all templates.


Here's why you should enroll to become a better DIY landlord:

Are you unknowingly breaking the law?

Using bad templates and not knowing the law can cause financial and legal trouble!

Do you struggle to find templates?

Here's a lightbulb moment: Stop reinventing the wheel every time. Don't scramble to find the right tool. It's all right here!

Do you need mobile access?

Landlord Prep™ gives you an on-the-go complete DIY landlording education solution viewable on any connected mobile device

Tired of reading?

Video tutorials will teach you everything from the 101 basics to expert techniques!

Respond to tenant issues like a pro

Curious what to do when a tenant asks you if they can keep a service dog? Simply watch the video. Tenant late on rent? There’s a video on that, and many other essential topics!

Download great templates & forms

Need a tenant application? Got that. The mandatory FCRA form? Got that, too. Lease? Lease extension? Walk-through form? Adding a roommate? Security deposit return? Notice to evict? All here, and more.


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