Real Estate Investing Webinar

50-Minute Webinar Overview of Various Real Estate Investment Methods

If you have ever wondered about how to grow your income through real estate investing, you will love this webinar!  

Real estate attorney and licensed real estate broker Flavia Berys, Esq., who also teaches law at California Western School of Law and teaches property management at San Diego Community College's Community Education program, teaches:

What do the wealthy almost always have in common?  They invest in real estate!  But what does that really mean? 

"Investing in real estate" covers a diverse list of methods for adding real estate investing to an investment portfolio. There are so many ways to diversify your investments with real estate! 

There are REIT funds you can invest in just like a stock, residential rental property ownership, co-ownership of larger properties such as commercial buildings, and more. Why should you care? Why should you learn about the different ways to use real estate as an investment vehicle? 

Because of these important investment principles: 

(1) Diversification, (2) Education and knowledge about your options, and (3) Having a plan. Unless you plan to do it and put that plan into action, it's easy to forget to fill this particular bucket! Don't wait until you have the money to invest; you need to have goals and a plan BEFORE you are ready to invest. if you don't have a list of investment goals, how will that help you get to those goals? 

This webinar will teach you: 

• About the different types of real estate investing, for all levels of investors (some require very little money to start!) 

• The difference between commercial and residential real estate rentals 

• The beauty of an "absolute triple-net" lease as a passive real estate investor 

• The different types of funds and opportunities  

• How to be a DIY landlord for your own residential properties  

• How to ride out ups and downs in the market 

Watch to learn how you can grow your grow your asset base through real estate investing!  

Real Estate Investing Webinar

50-Minute Webinar Overview of Various Real Estate Investment Methods