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Landlord Prep is a unique online toolkit and full educational course that truly empowers DIY landlords. It includes fill-in templates, video tutorials, legal updates, and more!


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Flavia Berys, Esq., Founder of Landlord Prep


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Watch Video Tutorials

Learn best practices and industry secrets to maximize profits and stay legally compliant. Video tutorials will teach you everything from the 101 basics to expert techniques!

Download Great Templates

Need a tenant application? Got that. The mandatory FCRA form? Got that, too. A superior lease? A lease extension? A rent increase notice? Adding a roommate? Security deposit return? Notice to evict? All here, and more.

Learn From The Best

The instructor, Flavia Berys, Esq., is a real estate attorney, licensed real estate broker, and experienced property manager. She's also a DIY landlord and real estate investor and loves teaching other landlords how to maximize their real estate ventures.

Practical Tips + Legal Education

Curious how to respond when a when a tenant asks if they can have a service animal in the home? Simply watch the video. Is your tenant late paying his rent? There's a lesson on that, too. How do you return a security deposit legally? Log in and get the step-by-step tutorial plus a template. It's all here, with 24/7 online access.


The Time to Prepare is NOW

Many of the tips and tricks of the trade you will learn should be implemented before your next lease turnover. Don't wait and leave yourself scrambling later! Do the smart thing and prepare ahead of time.

A prepared landlord sleeps better at night and can focus efforts on maximizing rental profit. Don't spin your wheels later after the damage is already done!

Smart DIY landlords know that landlording can be EASY when done right, BUT...

... if you don't have the right templates and know-how, you could end up in financial and legal trouble! Protect your family and legacy by doing things right.

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Take a peek inside the Landlord Prep online academy to see how easy it is to navigate!


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"Enjoyed Flavia’s teaching tremendously. It was informative, entertaining and interactive. The principles learned in her class have been put to use in my landlording business."

John D.
San Diego, CA

"Flavia Berys' course on DIY landlording is excellent. I took it just before becoming a landlord for the first time at the start of 2014. I felt armed with good knowledge, and have successfully rented my former house to great tenants. Her class really helped me understand the do’s and don’ts of landlording. Her direct experience as a lawyer who’s seen what can go wrong with landlords in California is invaluable. In addition, she has had a lot of experience as a landlord herself. She is a clear, methodical teacher. She also provided great resources for the class."

Cindy H.
San Diego, CA

"I strongly recommend taking this class! This class has helped me gain the tools I needed to become a strong and knowledgeable landlord. I have recommended and referred many of my close friends to Flavia; she is awesome!"

Rochelle M.
San Diego, CA

"Flavia Berys is a fantastic instructor. She is organized, informative, and passionate about sharing her knowledge of the rental/landlord world with her students. I encourage anyone who owns property to take her DIY Landlord Course! You will learn the essentials of becoming a DIY Landlord as well as how to protect yourself. Her step-by-step instructions guide you through the leasing process from beginning to end - from 'Should I Rent' to 'Ending the Tenancy.' The handouts and additional materials are definitely an added bonus that you will be happy to have. I am so glad that I took this class. I definitely feel more confident as a first time landlord!"

Crystal M.
San Diego, CA

"I am an accidental landlord. Over the years, I heard about the various issues (horror stories) my friends and family would have with their rental units. Prior to the DIY Landlording course, I wanted nothing to do with becoming a landlord but information provided in the landlording course has given me a ton of confidence. I continue to use my notes from class and templates to help protect myself as a landlord. I highly recommend this class."

Robert D.
San Diego, CA

Templates That Make You a Pro!

Using the wrong template, whether it's outdated, for the wrong state, or works against you, opens you up to liability. With Landlord Prep, you have the best templates at your fingertips, on demand 24/7!

View a Sample Template + Tutorial

Click below to preview a sample template tutorial. Filling out legal templates has never been easier! You will feel like a confident and educated landlord.


There's No Better Resource

This online academy was designed for the smart DIY landlord. No other resource will give you the peace of mind and ease of use that you will find in Landlord Prep!

Constantly Updated 

New content is added regulary, and updated to reflect any changes in laws. Plus, members can submit topics and questions as ideas for new modules!

Easy To Use

Simple, easy, 24/7 access.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't love it, cancel. No questions asked! We are confident you will keep this program because it will help you sleep better at night and enjoy your landlord journey.

Landlording without the right education? Highly risky. Trying out Landlord Prep? The satisfaction guarantee means it's zero risk to try it!

Procrastination Can Hurt You

Don't delay your education and prep. Nothing is more important than protecting your family and avoiding legal trouble. Join Landlord Prep now to access legally-compliant templates and to learn what you need to know to be a successful DIY landlord!